January 30, 2017

Few ways of hair removing

Physical hair is an awful thing in the life of a woman. Fashion conscious women don't want to reveal the hair of any part of their body other than the head. So they have to apply many methods on their body to get rid of the visible hair on the face, neck, hand, under arms, legs and thigh. However, we also have to take care of our private hair and have to clean these too. Doing these, a woman pass hours on the washroom which kills all the productivity of the day. No matter how modern or convenient way you apply, the hair will be visible soon within few days. So most common ways people use to remove hair are:


Shaving is the most common way a woman use to remove hair from different parts of the body. Probably shaving takes the less time all other methods used in hair removal. But the effect of shaving is not pleasant. Once you shave any part of your body, the hair will grow faster, darker and thicker than before. So you can't shave any visible parts of the body with a razor. If you want to shave your upper lips and any parts of your face with the razor, you will start feeling awkward in the next day after seeing the growth of the hair in the most visible part of your body.


Waxing stripes are also the very popular way to remove hair from the unwanted parts of the body. But you have to be patient to use waxing as it takes most of your valuable times. You have to possibly spend hours if you want to wax your whole legs, hands and other parts you want to do waxing.


Sugaring is also a type of wax. You have to make a gel by heating sugar. Then when it gets cold, you have to apply it on your skin and then follow the formula of waxing.

Depilatory cream:

With depilatory cream, you can complete the hair removal procedure very easily. You have to apply the cream for some time on your body, and when the hair dissolves with the cream, with a stick, you can remove the hair.

So these are the method which is frequently used to do the hair removal. These all methods are very time to consume and less effective on the body. In most of the procedure, you will see tiny hair are growing the next day of the hair removal. If you want any permanent solution to get rid of these irritating hair, you can do laser. Though laser is an expensive way to do the hair removal, if you have money and don’t want to spend hours on hair removal, you can do laser right away, as it has no side effects. To do laser, you will need an expert technician to perform the laser. You can go to this link ilaserhairremovalseattle to get help from the professional laser technician.

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